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  • RMA Request
  • Factory Service is handled by Kepco's Customer Service and Repairs Department for both In Warranty and Out of Warranty items. You must first obtain a Returned Material Authorization (R.M.A) before shipping the unit to Kepco. Repair and shipping costs are explained below.

    Returning units to Kepco

    1. Obtain a Returned Material Authorization (R.M.A) (see below) from Kepco.
    2. Attach a note to the unit with the following information:
      • Description of the problem
      • Diagram showing how the power supply is connected to your application
      • Technical contact (Name, telephone no. and email address)
    3. Pack the unit properly. If you do not have access to proper packing material, you may purchase packing material from Kepco and have it shipped to you.

    R.M.A. Numbers

    An R.M.A. number (returned material authorization) must be obtained from Kepco before sending a power supply to the factory for repair. This number must accompany any return, both on the outer carton and on any accompanying paperwork.

    The following information will be requested:

    • name of company, billing address
    • contact name, contact telephone and fax numbers
    • ship to address
    • model and serial number of what is to be repaired
    • description of the failure of the power supply and the environment in which it failed
    • original purchase order number and warranty status
    NOTE: The RMA request can also be submitted using our on-line RMA REQUEST form.

    Repair Costs - In Warranty Power Supplies

    In warranty units will be repaired at Kepco’s expense and returned to you by UPS or FEDEX ground service, however the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the item(s) to Kepco.

    Repair Costs - Out of Warranty Power Supplies

    Out of warranty power supplies will be quoted a pre-determined repair cost based upon the model. A purchase order indicating the repair cost must be issued by the customer at the time of return. If it is found that the cost of repair will exceed the amount quoted, you will be informed and asked in writing for further authorization to continue the repair. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges to and from Kepco.

    If an international customer wishes to have a power supply repaired at Kepco, all charges for customs clearance, taxes, duties, miscellaneous fees and freight will be the responsibility of the customer to and from Kepco.

    Shipping costs for the return to customer of non warranty goods can be either Prepaid or Freight Collect:

    • Prepaid (charges for shipment are added to the invoice)
    • Freight Collect (charges are assigned to the customer’s account with a specified carrier)


    Please feel free to call Customer Service Repairs and Returns Department with any questions you may have concerning the repair and returns procedures.


    • Telephone: (718) 461-7006 - Extension 5151 or 5152
    • Fax Number: (718) 767-1102
    • e-mail: (Subject: RMA REQUEST)
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